Where your child comes first.

Where your child comes first.

About us...

Our comprehensive pediatric dental office is located in Syosset, New York

We are a highly experienced team that fully understands how concerned parents are regarding the oral health of our young patients. Our doctors pride themselves in offering the utmost comfort and care for our parents and their kids when they visit our practice. We look forward to meeting you!

Zirconia crowns are ideal for children who have damaged, cracked or broken their teeth. Whether the crown is placed over a primary (baby) tooth or a permanent one, you can feel confident that the restoration itself is durable and long-lasting. Zirconia is one of the hardest materials available, which makes it a great option for dental restorations. The crown is made to fit comfortably in your child’s mouth while simultaneously improving their overall appearance.

As dental technology has continued to develop over the years, the goal has really been to heighten patient comfort and to help achieve optimum results. Our office is happy to offer Digital X-Rays, which are a safer and more convenient way help diagnose underlying issues. Digital X-Rays offer a variety of benefits over their traditional counterpart which includes a reduction of radiation exposure by about 90 percent and decreases wait time.