Reasons That Increase The Duration Of Treatment With Braces

Reasons That Increase The Duration Of Treatment With Braces

A burning question for braces is: “How long should braces be worn?” There is no universal answer to this question. If the teeth visually look even, this is not an argument to get rid of braces. It is necessary that the dental units are properly in contact in the frontal and lateral segments when closed. They should be in close contact during compression and form minimal gaps. The priority is to restore the normal functioning of the bite. Aesthetics of a smile is also important, but it is rather a pleasant addition. Determining how much to wear braces is impossible without a clear understanding of the patient’s clinical picture. Experience shows that the duration of treatment with braces ranges from 1 to 3 years.

5 reasons that affect the timing of treatment with braces:


An adult patient needs more time to correct the bite. After 30, bone growth stops, the rate of metabolic processes and regenerative mechanisms of the body slow down. With age, a person has an increased risk of developing diseases associated with the circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, and immune systems. This also slows down the treatment. Duration of treatment with braces for adults varies from 1.5 to 3 years. In childhood and adolescence, the bite is corrected faster. The bones of children are much more plastic, and the processes of tissue regeneration in the body proceed at a maximum. The duration of the bracket correction is 1-1.5 years.

Problem scale

The more complex the dentofacial anomaly, the longer the term for wearing braces. Correct a minor cosmetic defect or change the position and functionality of the jaws – each of these problems requires a different treatment time.

  • It is possible to correct an aesthetic flaw (the curvature of several dental units, crowding, diastema) in 1 year.
  • Change the ratio and function of the jaws – up to 2 years.
  • Severe anomaly of the maxillofacial system with the need for surgery – from 2 years.

Features of bracket design

Orthodontics has a wide selection of braces from various materials: metal, sapphire, ceramics and plastic. Which ones are more effective? The most suitable one is metal braces. They have a clearer groove (a recess for the arc), because braces have a stronger effect on the teeth and perform their work faster. Ceramic, plastic and sapphire braces do not work so accurately, and the force of their pressure is less. Therefore, they need more time to correct the bite. Metal systems are stronger; therefore, the risk of their breakdown is minimal in comparison with other models.