How To Heal Without Breaking The Bank?

Male Patient Receiving Treatment In Clinic

Thus, periodontal diseases are divided into two main groups. The first group includes diseases limited to superficial periodontal tissues, that is, gingivitis. The second group includes diseases affecting the deep periodontium that supports the tooth, i.e., periodontitis.

How To Heal Without Breaking The Bank

For a more solid treatment, it will be necessary to turn to the following substances:

  • Coenzyme Q10: the Japanese have used it for a long time as a treatment for gingivitis, and the results have been confirmed by numerous studies.
  • Folic acid (vitamin B9): its effectiveness has also been verified before gingivitis. After 4 weeks of using a mouthwash containing folic acid, significant improvement in symptoms has been reported.
  • Aloe vera gel: it stimulates healing while increasing the renewal of collagen. It also has anti-inflammatory activity. I know a person who treated his periodontal problems early only with a course of pure aloe vera to drink: 3 liters over 3 months with weekly breaks and keeping the liquid in the mouth a few seconds before l ‘swallow.
  • Propolis: clinical studies have shown that an active extract acts in 24 hours on the main pathogenic bacterial species of the mouth and pharynx. Propolis is also a broad spectrum bacteriostatic and offers anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  • The tea tree: the essential oil of the tea tree is also a powerful antibacterial capable of eliminating both Escherichia coli and Candida albicans. Personally, I never brush my teeth without putting 1 drop of tea tree on the brush with toothpaste. This deeply cleanses and maintains the whiteness of the teeth.
  • Vitamin K1: it acts on excessive bleeding from the gum and reduces inflammation while supporting bone structure (by regulating and driving calcium to the teeth and bone tissue).
  • Green tea extract: rich in powerful antioxidants (catechins), it fights the formation of dental plaque by inhibiting the concentration of bacteria.
  • Pearl powder (rich in aragonite): mother-of-pearl in the form of capsules is a fantastic complement for cartilage and bone regeneration! The aragonite it contains promotes the multiplication and activation of osteoblasts, the working cells of bone tissue. This product is therefore highly recommended in the event of osteoporosis but also of any bone loss, including in dentistry: it can work wonders before the start of periodontics. The ideal, in this case, is to add to the cure of coenzyme Q10
  • Egg oil: uncommon; however, it is found in some kinds of toothpaste. Two studies by Dr. Conrads, head of the microbiology department at the University Dental Hospital of Aachen, have shown that egg oil mixed with toothpaste acts on bacterial infections and stops gingivitis and periodontosis in a few days.

In addition to essential oral hygiene gestures, you can use nutrients or plant extracts with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The cheapest: some people have managed to get rid of their periodontitis by practicing only, for two months, two daily brushings by successively dipping the toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide at 10 volumes and in baking soda. However, it does not seem to work systematically.