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We know that trying to juggle all of your responsibilities as a parent is hard enough. Trying to keep track of your child’s dental health needs can be hard when you’ve already got so much going on. That’s why we’ve added this section to our website to keep you educated and aware of what types of changes your child’s teeth and mouth will be going through as they age.

Learn about how baby teeth come in, the importance of good brushing habits, what to do about teeth-grinding, and how to handle emergency situations.

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Benefits of our Advanced Technology

When treating a patient at Pediatric Dentistry of Syosset, our doctors prefer to take a modern approach. Patient comfort and care is our top priority, so we like to utilize the latest technology including 3-D Imaging, Digital X-Rays and Surgical Microscopes that will assist in obtaining the best results. Advancement in technology has improved the way doctors practice and thanks to science, modern techniques allow patients to receive treatment without the normal pain and time-consuming appointments that used to be associated with old-fashioned dentistry. Trusting a doctor that utilizes modern dental technology offers many benefits including: