Fluoride Treatments

What are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments can help to keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong. Fluoride works by filling in small holes and cracks within the enamel and dentin. In turn, this helps to prevent both sensitivity as well as tooth decay. Children are often more prone to developing cavities, so we will recommend fluoride treatments to keep their teeth protected.

Why would Fluoride Treatments be needed?

There are a few reasons for children needing fluoride treatments. These treatments are ideal because your child might be more susceptible to decay. If they already have quite a few fillings, they can definitely benefit from having fluoride treatments applied. We often recommend these treatments at each of your child’s bi-annual checkup appointments.

What Are Fluoride Treatments
Why Would Fluoride Treatments Be Needed

What makes your child a candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

To determine if your child might benefit from or need fluoride treatments, we can perform an examination. The treatment itself takes just a few seconds in our office, and provides long-term protection of your child’s smile. Most children, regardless of age, can benefit from fluoride treatments. In fact, we often automatically apply fluoride when your child comes in for a cleaning and exam.

What happens during Fluoride Treatments?

The fluoride treatment process involves applying a clear liquid varnish to your child’s teeth. This takes just a few seconds and can provide your child with advanced protection against cavities. Your child should not eat, drink, brush or rinse for about 30 minutes following their appointment. This allows the fluoride to deeply penetrate the teeth and provide the beneficial protection that your child needs. They can have these treatments done at any future appointments or on an as-needed basis. Fluoride is ideal for younger as well as older children and teens. You will find that your child experiences fewer instances of tooth decay thanks to the power of fluoride and all that it is able to do for their smile.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child for fluoride treatments, call us today to speak with one of our friendly staff members.